How-to: Staycation With One King West

a blonde woman in a blue silk dress and black heels on a rooftop patio

Having recently visited Tobermory, Vancouver, and Russia, you can already sense that I prefer to do all of my travelling in clusters. Similarly, the current restaurant that I work at has undergone a month-long renovation period, further enabling my travelling addiction.

In theory, binge-travelling is great, while sleeping only 10/44 nights in my own bed isn’t (true story). Staycation-ing in Toronto, on the other hand, is my preferred method of relaxation. The 24-hour physical and mental escape into the core of my home city awakens my sense of adventure, erases any cyclical mental blocks, and breathes new life into my creativity. Spending the night at One King West only sweetens the experience.

Having made One King West my go-to staycation destination, I swear by these 6 steps on how to do it, and do it right.

A dress, blazer, and a jumpsuit hanging in an open closet


Step One: Plan Ahead

This step is crucial to not only motivate you to complete any mundane and routine tasks by the time you are checked-in, but also to help save you money. First, my loyalties with Expedia and TD Travel Visa are rewarded with promotions and a point system that financially supports these staycation luxuries in the first place. Second, planning ahead allows me to make myself aware of the city’s events (e.g. TIFF, playoffs, etc.) and helps with shopping for the lowest possible rates. That, my friends, is my definition of winning.

Shower and lotion placed on a shelf in a hotel bathroom
A hotel bed with white sheets and a nightstand beside it


Step Two: Leave It To Them

Physical check-in and mental check-out? Taking full advantage of the professional and personalized services that the hotel has to offer is the next natural step. Not only do the staff members express great knowledge in their suggestions for day and night time activities, the front desk also keeps their guests informed about any and all current lobby events via texts. Talk about modern convenience. Buck-a-shuck Thursdays, happy hour and live music? I am there. Similarly, the hotel and its architecture give the guests a history lesson at every corner, making exploring the hotel grounds an activity in itself.


Step Three: Enjoy The Views

The location alone, King and Yonge, serves up some serious views. The Tower Suites offer unobstructed views of the East side, the glistening lake water, the core’s hustle and bustle, as well as the view of every local’s point of reference, occasionally called the CN tower. Love that feeling that you get while driving down the Gardiner and catching a glimpse of the Toronto skyline? Head to the 17th-floor patio to enjoy more of the views, adding the surround sound of the financial district for that extra rush.

view of the Toronto east side from the hotel window


Step Four: Explore The City

It’s one thing to be located at the heart of downtown, it’s another to offer access to public transportation seven steps from the front door (yep, I counted). Craving some good coffee and a complementary session of people-watching? Walk over to Dineen Coffee Co. How about some fresh air or an escape from the city? Take a short bus ride to the Harbourfront and take a stroll down any direction. Can’t quite silence that guacamole and margarita craving? Street-car it East to the Distillery District’s El Catrin. I could go on and on, but you get my point. So, whatever your travel style might be, strict planner or casual wanderer, the hotel’s location is in your favour. Always.


Step Five: Plan Date Night

a blue silk dress and a watch on a hotel bed with black heels on the floor

Busy schedules and food delivery apps (blessing and a curse, really) make it easier than ever to get into that dreadful relationship rut. While Staycation-ing may be a step one outside of our usual comfortable routine, planning date night is definitely step two.

If you share the love for great food, as do Joe and I, I highly recommend restaurants such as BucaAroma Fine Indian Cuisine, and Patria for that romantic ambiance and authentic flavours. Similarly, my recos extend to SPiN, Second City, and the AGO for some casual activities, as well as strolling through the Kensington Market and Distillery District as free options. Lastly, don’t forget to stop by the Teller’s Bar and Lounge before you head to your room for their Teller’s Signature Smoked Old Fashion, my most recent beverage obsession.

a blue silk dress, white blazer, and blue jumpsuit on hangers in the closet
a blonde woman in a blue silk dress and black heels on a rooftop patio


Step Six: Stay In Bed

Now, how tough is this last step? If lounging in their most comfortable bed, all while drinking coffee and swimming in large pillows is your thing, then I whole-heartedly support you. Other times may call for a coffee-and-notepad-in-bed-kind-of morning, as my rested brain seems to find that to be the most appropriate time to spit out blog, travel, and personal ideas. However you choose to start your day, make it a priority to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier and unapologetically dedicate that time to you.

a woman drinking coffee on a hotel bed

a planner, pen, notebook, and watch on white hotel sheets


That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed scrolling through my list of staycation do’s at the One King West. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and staycation musts.





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