From Oversized Wool to Faux Shearling: 7 Coats Your Closet Dreams Of


Yes, my darlings,

I am currently having a not-so-secret romance with the vibrant blues. You’ve caught me. To be completely honest, I have zero explanation for it, but I am drawn to everything from Blue Sapphires to Denim Colour-blocks, and I will not apologize for it. Also, in hindsight, having had multiple breakdowns in a hairdresser’s chair at the sight of even one golden strand, I am finally coming to terms with my allergy to warm tones. Unfortunately, there’s no Benadryl for that, so you are stuck with my obsession with cooler tones.

Anyways. With the cold winter months fast approaching, I thought I would do a coat editorial, sharing some trendy options, as well as my personal picks, to help you curate your own list of coat favourites. In case you are just joining my blog, a few personal guidelines include: quality over quantity, research over impulse, and basics over one-time wear. Lastly, as a Siberia native and a Toronto based blogger, warmth is clearly of priority, so please remember that, above all else, your hands, feet, neck and behind are to be kept extra warm (I can almost picture Moms all over the world nodding in unison).

1. Faux Shearling:


First and obvious choice, I must say. While this trend may not be new to the casual-and-cool scene, it has definitely made larger waves in combination with other fabrics, such as leather, denim, faux suede, etc. For example, the faux suede combo (worn by me) is unique in its contrasting texture, warm in its length and thickness, and is versatile in its style and cool tone. I recommend sticking to the casual look by pairing it with cropped denim (black would look stunning as well), sleek booties, and a darker knit.

2. Tailored:


If I were to do a coat edit every year (don’t tempt me), this trend would always make the cut. The centre back seam, inseam pockets, and straight fit are all characteristics of a classic masculine fit, but, of course, us, Boss girls, do it better. While I encourage you to go for the bolder colours, do pair it with polished Oxfords and a classic pantsuit for the takeover of the male-centered corporate world, or stilettos and a grey checked dress for the takeover of the whole world. Whatever you are in the mood for that day, really.

3. Oversized Wool-Blend:


This trend continues to maintain its popularity based on two key descriptors: oversized and unstructured. If that doesn’t scream “the limit does not exist!” to the question of layering, I don’t know what will. With its wide lapels and dropped shoulders, you can be as casual as you please (grey knit, warm leggings, and platform kicks) or as glam as your function requires (fitted midi dress, heeled booties, and statement earrings). Similarly, click here to see how this F/W coat plays an important role in styling transitional clothing.

4. Teddy:


While I already touched on the Sherpa/Faux Shearling coats, this trend is the coziest yet. Without a real online consensus on what a Teddy coat really is, with some influencers styling a Sherpa coat, models wearing a coarse Faux Fur coat, and brands selling Textured coats, all while calling it a ‘Teddy,’ I’ve put my foot down and decided that any coat that makes you look like Teddy Bear, is a ‘Teddy.’ Deal with it. Now that that’s settled, this coat will provide you with the ultimate casual look (e.g. mom jeans, thin turtleneck, and bulky boots) all while keeping you warm and cozy.

5. Long Puffer:


Who said that you can’t be casual chic and be warm at the same time? The idiot, younger me. Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things since then, such as owning a long, size-up, and thick puffer can save your butt. Literally. I highly recommend this style of coat for the colder days, or nights, whether you are heading up to the yurt in Northern Ontario or just trying to survive Toronto’s occasional ice storm, having used up all your sick days for those mid-week hangovers. Same, girl. Same.

6. Checkered:


This trend, like a pumpkin spiced latte, is at the core of Fall and everything that it entails. One cannot exist without the other and by wearing it you are letting people know that Fall is coming (They should really be thanking you). Practicality of this trend stems from its ability to be carried into the Winter months, with layers, leather gloves, and a cashmere toque of course. Similarly, this trend can compliment both your Sunday loungewear and Monday office looks. Lastly, the undertones are a unique way to tweak this classic to suit your style, with a deep burgundy for cooler tones and camel for warmer ones. Possibilities are actually endless.

7. Faux Fur:


While more appropriate for evening events or a night on the town, this trend can definitely turn your regular monochromatic look into a ‘yes-I-too-think-that-I-should-be-driven-around-in-a-rolls-royce-instead-of-the-ttc’ kinda glam. When comparing this trend to its counterparts, faux fur is not necessarily part of an everyday look, but due to its affordability, warmth, and plush style, I think every closet should be graced with a presence of one, for those special occasions. Remember to balance this semi-oversized trend with tighter and slimmer pieces, as I did here, as to maintain a classy and sleek look and avoid unnecessary bulkiness.


Wearing: Coat, Denim (Wait for Aritzia’s sale), BootsSweater (Similar and %50 off!)


Hope this post is going to ‘Up’ your coat game, give you some direction, and help you curate your own, unique coat collection. Let me know your favourites too!





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  • 3C Style
    January 26, 2018

    Very nice selection of coats, Arina. Really like the one in your pic. Any shade of blue (and green) works for me! Your blog is lovely. You’ve got my follow. 💚

    • Arina
      January 27, 2018

      Thank you for your kind words! Always appreciated ❤

The Cold Weather Blues
From Oversized Wool to Faux Shearling: 7 Coats Your Closet Dreams Of