Combat Dry Skin With 2 Easy Steps

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It’s the new year, and I only got used to writing ‘2017’ about a month ago. I will now have to write awkward 8’s as to cover up my inability to adapt to change (Biggest lie on my resume, by the way). Anyways, I don’t know about you, but I have been struggling to do the simplest things, and even after I get to do doing them, I tend to infect them with a touch of misery too (RIP rubber plant). It went as far as stumping my creativity with the mere anticipation of the amount of work that I would have to do, which would, in turn, transfer onto the next day and the day after that. Talk about a fresh start. Whether the origin is hormone, diet, or weather related, I consciously decided to focus on things that I already enjoy doing, whether habitual or simplest pleasures. Skincare is one of those things. Duh.

Naturally, we tend to spend more time and money on our beautiful faces, while overlooking the importance of maintenance and hydration for the body. Thus, I focused on making small changes to my routine, taking a bit of extra time and care getting ready, and making it a priority to follow through with the set regimen every day and night. Sounds small, and maybe even a little silly, but this mini self-care technique momentarily distracted me from my ‘rut,’ helped me get into a bit of groove of completing predetermined tasks, AND made my skin smooth and soft. So, whether or not you can relate to my first-world problem, here are a few ways that you can combat dry skin during this unpredictable winter season.

Srub, Shed, Peel, Buff…

Whatever you call it, get rid of it. Right now. Dirt, sweat, and dead skin (shedding 30,000 flakes/min, to be exact) not only clog your pores, but also invite bacteria for an all-inclusive stay, dull your natural glow, and pimple you up, as if you were in high school all over again. While you are becoming uncomfortably aware of your skin’s contact with the outside world and all of it’s generous offerings, you’ll be pleased to know that you can prevent most of the potentially serious conditions just by scrubbing them away, as well as with regular bathing. I just pray that the latter isn’t news to you and that you don’t google Dermatitis Neglecta. Don’t do it.

My personal solution includes the ‘Flake Away’ body scrub, from Soap & Glory, and ground coffee. While the scrub contains multiple oils and deliciously light perfumes, I use it due to two key words: Sea salt and Shea butter. Damp skin and the scrub is all that you may need, but the addition of ground coffee allows for the extra cellulite-fighting and circulation-boosting effects. Complete that with a gentle massage of grapefruit essential oil to areas of concern (e.g. back of thighs for me) and you are introduced to fresh, soft, and glowing skin, ready to absorb the focus of the next step: Lotion.

*Personal notes: Doing this once a week is ideal, avoid application on irritated skin, go easy on sensitive areas (e.g. chest), use the least expensive ground coffee (or you will break my coffee-loving heart), and clean your shower/bath thoroughly after. Lastly, Shoppers Drug Mart is my store of choice for the Soap & Glory Products.

Treat Yo Skin

Now that you have shed all that flaky skin, you have also prepared it for the absorption of all the great nutrients that a body moisturizer has to offer. I encourage you to use whatever brand that you already love, as I will never get in between the bond between you and your skincare of choice. Conversely, trying out any product from The Body Shop, especially after the holiday season, can never hurt and potentially raise your expectations of a brand and it’s effectiveness. Their Almond Milk & Honey line is genuinely the only solution to my already dry skin, that is also regularly exposed to the harsh nature of a chlorine swimming pool. Saying “Buhbye” to that tight and itchy skin feels even better when you know that the product is Vegetarian, Hypoallergenic, and Paraben free. Similarly, absorption is quick, hydration is long-lasting, and my skin is smoother than a baby’s bum.

In Addition

  • Constant Hydration. Dehydrated skin is to be treated from the inside and the outside. So, drink up.
  • The Importance Of Quality. Stay away from harsh and poor quality knits as they can irritate skin, or simply wear cotton shirts as the first layer. Clean your clothes regularly and with a gentle laundry detergent.
  • Clear The Air. Having your heat on high may be great for warmth, but it limits the moisture in the air, causing skin and body dehydration. My AROMAOM diffuser helps me regulate those moisture levels from my bedside stand and infuses the air with an oil blend of your choice (I prefer the ‘Allergy Release’ and ‘Spa Spirit’).


That about covers my dry skin routine. If it helps even one of you, I will be ecstatic! Stay moisturized out there, beauties.





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Combat Dry Skin With 2 Easy Steps