A splash of modern on a classic


Look at me using bar terms while off duty. My team would be so proud. (Although they would probably laugh at the idea of owning anything other than black, since salt, agave, and hibiscus bitters are impartial to your choice of uniform.)


Anyways, back to the actual topic.



I have always been drawn to simple combinations, whether it applied to style, beauty, or cuisine. The clean and crisp look of a quality white blouse combined with a slim-fitted denim delivers a message of timeless simplicity and effortless class. I cannot help but feel confident and poised, not to mention free to shape and reshape this look to fit any occasion, venue, and even mood. That morning I could have decided to put my hair up in a low bun, wear a chunky statement necklace, or wear embroidered flats, all of which would provide very different focuses and looks. Instead, I opted for a more structured, eggshell-white, and puff-sleeved blouse; hip-hugging and elongating jeans; burgundy pointy-toed heels; and a classic black leather watch to complete my look.



Hope everyone enjoyed my first look, as well as their busy Wednesday.






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  1. Elysse K
    June 6, 2017 / 5:55 pm

    Love this!

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