3 Holiday Hair Looks With Verb

Hair products from Verb's Ghost Collection are sprawled out on a grey sweater, decorated with teal and silver ornaments
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We’ve officially entered the Holiday season. The most confusing season of all, in my opinion.

Why? You are either in your pjs, with 15391376 serums on by 7 p.m., or are socially obligated to attend parties that you accepted invitations to when you were in a (very) good mood and it wasn’t pitch black at 4 o’clock. While the former may apply to 90% of my December plans, this post applies to the latter 10%…

I am beyond ecstatic to have partnered up with Verb, and their Shine + Shimmer Kit, to create 3 super easy Holiday hair looks for any of your gatherings. So whether you are attending a Holiday office party or are braving another “marriage and kids” talk at your annual family gathering, at least I got your hair covered.

(A detailed video tutorial is linked down below!)


The Holiday Kit

So, what exactly is included in this Shine + Shimmer Kit?

You will be blessed with 4 full-sized products and one mini, limited edition one, all from their best-selling Ghost collection. Oh, and all for $66, instead of the combined triple digits $$$ and still flying you under the shipping-fee radar (free for $50+ Canadian orders). I may have dropped out of Calculus (twice) but I still know a good discount when I see one.

In case you are due for re-fresher, Verb’s Ghost line is jam-packed with treats like Green Tea Extract, Moringa Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Extract, and Aloe Vera. Translation? Say hello to moisture-level maintenance, strand nutrition and smoothing, color preservation, and UV and environmental protection at every haircare step. In addition, and reflective of all of Verb’s collections, they steer clear from Parabens, Gluten, harmful Sulphates, and animal testing, and maintain all-hair-type inclusivity.

Hair products from Verb's Ghost Collection are sprawled out on a grey sweater, decorated with teal and silver ornaments

“Details please”

  • The Ghost Shampoo focuses on a weightless, non-stripping cleanse. It is my go-to for a double cleanse to ensure no product build-up, or a team-up with my favourite purple shampoo to reduce the drying effect of the toner-in-a-bottle.
  • The Ghost Conditioner moisturizes and smooths without flattening the hair. During the Winter months, I like to avoid rinsing it out completely for a longer moisture-lock at the ends.
  • The Ghost Mask assumes the role of a deep-conditioning, game-changing treatment. I tend to alternate between letting it sit in for 1-24 hrs on dry hair (I have Mondays off, okay?) prior to wash day, or 5-7 minutes after shampoo for nourishment quickie.
  • The Ghost Oil, a smoothing and shine-promoting oil, continues to earn its spot in my haircare lineup. Currently on my third bottle, I appreciate this oil for respecting my balayage (yellow-toned oils invite brass) and not weighing my hair down, even when used twice daily.
  • Lastly, the Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition, is all of the good things above, except in dry spray form and with subtle glitter, making it a perfect finish for any Holiday hair looks.


Holiday Hair Look One: Soft Ponytail

Blonde woman wearing her long, wavy hair in a loose ponytail for a Holiday Look with Verb Hair Products


What you’ll need: a hair tie, 1-2 bobby pins.

  • Begin with a middle part.
  • Collect your hair in a low ponytail, leaving some face-shaping strands loose. Secure the pony with a hair tie.
  • Pull on the hair to loosen and soften the look. Pull as much as your heart desires, especially at the crown and sides as to slightly cover the ears.
  • When satisfied, grab a small lock of hair below the hair tie and wrap around it. Fasten with 1-2 bobby pins behind the pony.
  • Complete the look by adding Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition all over and Ghost Oil to the ends.



Holiday Hair Look Two: Romantic Bun

Blonde woman wearing her hair in loose, low bun styled with Verb Hair Products for a Holiday Look


What you’ll need: a hair tie, 1-2 bobby pins.

  • Start with a loosened and pulled-on ponytail, exactly as accomplished with the first look.
  • Grab one layer of the hair tie and pull the ponytail halfway or until you form a small bun. Make sure that the bun isn’t too loose and that the other half of the pony hangs free underneath the bun.
  • Divide the remaining pony into two pieces, twisting them with your fingers and crossing them over each other and above the bun. Fasten with bobby pins just underneath the bun. Repeat for any loose pieces.
  • Complete the look by spraying Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition all over the hair.



Holiday Hair Look Three: Sleek Ponytail

Blonde woman wearing her long, wavy hair in a sleek ponytail styled with Verb Hair Products for a Holiday Look


What you’ll need: a hair tie, 3-4 bobby pins.

  • Start with hair parted in the middle.
  • Section the hair into three parts: two identical pieces split at both ears at the front and the remaining section at the back.
  • Brush the back section through and tie it in a tight, low ponytail.
  • Take the first front piece and brush it smooth to the scalp and behind the ear. Bring it back towards the ponytail, wrapping the strands around the tie. Fasten with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat the same for the other side.
  • Grab a small lock from the ponytail and begin wrapping it tightly around that same pony starting at the hair tie. Intertwine a new lock when the current one is halfway wrapped. Continue until the desired length of the wrap is achieved, bringing the last lock up to the base of the pony and securing it with bobby pins.
  • Complete the look by adding Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition all over and Ghost Oil to the ends.



And there you have it!

3 Holiday hair looks that bring out class and sophistication without the overwhelming time-consumption and effort. Ugh, if only everything else about the Holidays was as easy…

Let me know which look is your favourite in the comments below!


P.S. More into visual learning? Watch the detailed -video tutorial on my IGTV!

P.P.S. Want healthier hair in 2020? Stop washing it everyday! Check out 7-Day Hair With Verb Products for details on reasons, products, tools, and styles to help you avoid washing your hair for up to 7 days.


Cheers to a safe, stress-free (ha!), and fulfilling Holiday season,



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