Her Basic Need: Bomber Jacket


Wearing: Bomber, Jeans, Slip-ons, Watch, Sunglasses


Well hello there, beauties!

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Tuesday! (you know, that day that is completely overshadowed by the strong hatred for Mondays and celebration of Wednesdays? Yes, that one.)

This week I am sharing my current obsession: The Verena Bomber, Mackage.

What may appear a late entry into the Toronto bomber jacket game, is actually a thoroughly-planned, well-researched, and brand-devoted purchase. The contemporary brand itself has and continues to create timeless statement and staple pieces that are silhouette-complementing, long-lasting, and detail-centered, making this bomber rain jacket no different. As somebody who does her homework and openly protests against impulse buys, I whole-heartedly appreciate this outerwear piece for its versatility, as it compliments any casual or dressy look; comfort, as it is light in weight and is wrinkle- and water-resistant; and elegant quality, as it adds genuine leather and nickel zipper details to the classic bomber style.

Hope everyone enjoyed this casual and chic look!









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